This is how we do it (Montell Jordan shout out)

Three years ago, my administration mentor, told me that I would have to change the way I related to my colleagues if I ever wanted to be a principal. At that time in January 2013, I was just completing my Educational Leadership degree from Grand Canyon University and looking forward to being an administrator someday. Three years later in the best description possible I am a quasi-administrator (referred to as student services) since I am on a teacher contract with a stipend for limited administration and athletic director duties . Regardless of what my title may or may not be I am an administrator.

Working in a small border town in Arizona next to the Navajo Reservation, our challenges are not that unlike many other small towns. Our students are primarily Native American ( around 64%), Latino (30%), and the other 6% is the rest of the world. We do live in a severely depressed area of the state and deal with generational poverty and educational issues. The students we see now with severe learning, behavioral, or discipline issues are the children of parents that were once those as well. The list of disadvantages is enormous, yet the few advantages we do have outweighs all of those.

Now that you have some background let me explain what this blog is about. This is an adventure story as I progress through my teaching and administration careers as I boldly go into the future and become a Digital Leader. As technology impacts our lives so should our teaching, because as my mentor used to say, “it’s the teachers that will make a difference in this world.” The lives of students everywhere are in the hands of those in the noblest of professions. It is our job to adjust our ways of thinking and teaching to best fit the needs of our active learners. We can no longer be stuck in the old days where we were taught, but must adjust our pedagogical approaches to support these students.

In this blog I will be detailing my use of technology into my own classroom and as a small rural school out in the wilds of Arizona becomes a digital force, while detailing the trials and tribulations that go with this metamorphosis.

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